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New terminal opens Thursday
▲A bird’s-eye view of the airport’s new terminal.
◄A computer-generated image of the layout of the new terminal.
A mock traveler undergoes security check.
A cafe in the new terminal.
A glimpse of the terminal.

Han Ximin

TERMINALS A and B and Hall D, for international flights, at Shenzhen International Airport will close at 10 p.m. Wednesday to allow final preparations for the opening of the airport’s highly anticipated new terminal at 6 a.m. Thursday.

The new terminal is three times the size of terminals A and B and represents a huge upgrade of the airport’s facilities and capacity, airport authorities said.

The new terminal has 450,000 square meters of floor space, 62 boarding gates and the ability to accommodate any type of plane in the world.

Passengers departing from Shenzhen will access check-in service and security checks on the terminal’s fourth floor, and arriving passengers can connect to public transportation at the traffic center on the first and second floors.

The new terminal is divided into three parts: a main building and two massive corridors — 1,050 meters long and 650 meters wide — that form a cross shape.

The main building has four floors above ground and two floors underground.

The fourth floor has eight check-in areas, labeled A to H, with a total of 192 check-in counters.

The A and B check-in areas are for China Southern Airlines.

The C area is for flights on Sichuan, Xiamen, Hainan, Juneyao, OK, Chengdu, Spring-Autumn, Hebei and Chongqing airlines.

The D and E areas are for international flights and flights to Macao and Taiwan.

The F area is for China Eastern, Shanghai, Shandong and China United airlines, while the G and H areas are for Shenzhen Airlines, Air China and Kunming Airlines.

The main building’s third floor is the waiting area for domestic and international flights, which depart from the east wing.

The traffic center is connected with the south side of the main building. Domestic travelers arriving at the airport can pick up luggage on the second floor, while international passengers will get their luggage on the first floor.

The baggage areas are short walks away from the General Traffic Center (GTC), where passengers can take buses, taxis and, eventually, Metro trains.

The traffic center offers local and long-distance bus services on the first floor, with taxi and airport 330 bus services on the second floor.

The underground floor will connect with Metro Line 11, which is under construction and will provide Shenzhen-Hong Kong express services.

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New facilities available in the new terminal
New terminal opens Thursday