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At a Glance

Station facelift

SHENZHEN West Railway Station will get a facelift this year or next year after receiving criticism for its poor condition, station operator Pingnan Railway Co. said.

The station will be an important terminal for the Shenzhen-Xiamen Railway and inter-city rail between Pearl River Delta cities.

The station opened as a terminal for freight trains in 1993 and began handling passenger trains in 1996. The station is expected to handle 450,000 passengers during the upcoming Spring Festival holiday. Passengers have criticized its use of temporary sheds.

Road completed

THE Gonghe section of Meilong Boulevard was completed and put into use Monday, cutting the travel time from Meilin Checkpoint to Guanlan Subdistrict in Longhua New Area to 10 minutes from the previous 40.

It will also relieve congestion on Heping Road, Minzhi Boulevard and Minqing Road. Work on the section was halted for six years to allow removal of cultural relics.

In 2012, the city’s transport commission completed 13 unfinished roads that had been delayed for various reasons.

Lavish hall

A GOVERNMENT employee accused of suspiciously extravagant spending on an ancestral hall in the Guangdong Province city of Lufeng said in a letter that only his father and uncles had paid for the hall.

Lin Jianquan also said the lavish ancestral hall shown in pictures online is not the hall that belongs to his family. Lin said his parents and uncles have been in the construction business since the 1980s.

Recent media reports said Lin spent tens of millions of yuan on an ancestral hall and gravesite in his hometown in Lufeng’s Tanxi Township.

Luohu Wi-Fi

LUOHU District will install 841 hotspots providing free Wi-Fi access, according to a Monday ceremony that celebrated Luohu’s efforts to become an “intelligent” district.

The hotspots will cover business areas, hotels, hospitals and office buildings.

Users can access CMCC-eLuohu for free Wi-Fi service.

Chickpea genomes

A GLOBAL research team has completed sequencing of 90 genomes of the chickpea, the second-most-cultivated legume in the world, in a scientific breakthrough that will help chickpea farmers better face emerging challenges from climate change.

The chickpea genome sequencing project was undertaken by the International Chickpea Genome Sequencing Consortium and led by the International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics, the University of California-Davis (U.S.A.) and BGI-Shenzhen (China), with key involvement of national partners.

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