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9.1-km tram planned in Longhua

    A 9.1-KM, north-south tram rail will be built in Longhua New Area to help commuting residents and relieve traffic congestion.

    Longhua planning authority documents show the tram will link with Qinghu Station of Shenzhen Metro’s Longhua Line in the south and with Guanlan’s central area in the north. With 13 stations, the tram line will go through core areas of Longhua including Longhua Automobile Industry City, Science and Technology Service Center and Guanlan Strategic New Industries Park.

    A 2.6-km spur line that links with Guanlan New Industries Park from Dahe Road is also being considered.

    Longhua planning officials said the tram will integrate north Longhua into the city’s rail network and significantly ease commuting difficulties, and is of particular significance because the northern extension of Longhua Line is still under planning. The tram line will eventually connect with Longhua Line at Guanlan Central Station in the north.

    Compared with Metro and light rail, tram rail has a lower cost and shorter construction period, planners said. Modern trams can also offer low energy consumption, quiet operation and transit flexibility.

    (Han Ximin)

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