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Nanhai E-Cool hosts sustainability salon in Shekou
Representatives of local organizations formed an eclectic crowd at the salon’s opening ceremony. Fang Li

Fang Li, Mo Cheng

A SALON dedicated to sustainable urban development and the utilization of recycled construction materials was held at the Nanhai E-Cool building in Shekou, Nanshan District, on Friday.

Representatives from city planning, industrial product designing, architecture, public welfare and charity organizations exchanged ideas on innovation and sustainable development. Topics explored urban construction and new ways of transforming old areas, with discussions titled "From manufacturing to innovating -- the transformation of Nanhai E-Cool" and "City rebirth -- the transformation and rebirth of High-line Park of New York."

The event was jointly organized by Shenzhen Project Care Office, Xiaoya Gaga Public Welfare Fund, L&A Urban Planning and Landscape Design (Canada) and China Merchants Property Development Co., which transformed Shekou's old Sanyo industrial area into the innovative Nanhai E-Cool project for housing creative companies.

Salon participants also unveiled a sculpture named "Longstanding Tree," which was made with used materials from a facility that stood on Civic Square during the Universiade in August 2011.

captions: 1. The "Longstanding Tree" sculpture, made of recycled construction materials

2. Representatives of local organizations formed an eclectic crowd at the salon's opening ceremony. Photos by Fang Li

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Nanhai E-Cool hosts sustainability salon in Shekou
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