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At a Glance

    Metro turnover

    SHENZHEN Metro trains carry an average of 2.07 million passengers a day, about 21.3 percent of the city’s total public transportation passengers, Shenzhen’s transport commission said yesterday, on the eve of the anniversary of the full opening of five Metro lines.

    The city’s public transportation system handles about 9.69 million passengers a day, of which buses carry about 6.49 million, or 67 percent of the total. Luobao Line, or Line 1, is the Metro’s busiest, with a turnover of 807,400 passengers a day, while Shekou Line, or Line 2, had the lowest turnover, of 247,500 passengers a day.

    The opening of the Metro lines strengthened the capacity of city buses. A total of 130 bus routes are linked with Metro stations and it’s easy to find Metro stations within 100 meters of many bus stops along the existing 589 bus routes, the commission said.

    Illegal building

    A TWO-STORY illegal structure was demolished by authorities in Shiyan Subdistrict, Bao’an District, yesterday. Nearly 100 law enforcement officers were sent to tear down the building.

    Located on the slope of a hill in Luozu Community, the building covered 120 square meters, with a construction area of 240 square meters. Authorities previously issued a notice urging the building’s owner to stop the unauthorized construction, but the notice was ignored.

    Phone fire

    A FIRE triggered by a mobile phone left plugged in for days while charging ruined an apartment in the Grand Oriental housing estate near Buji Checkpoint in Longgang District yesterday morning.

    The mobile phone, which was left on the sofa, burned and started a fire that engulfed the residence in smoke on the 11th floor of the building early yesterday.

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