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New Metro fares announced

    Han Ximin

    THE city announced new Metro line fares Thursday, adopting a mode combining an initial price with a distance price.

    According to the new plan, the initial price is 2 yuan (US$0.29) for first 4 kilometers. A passenger has to pay an additional 1 yuan for every 4 kilometers between 4 and 12 kilometers, and an additional 1 yuan every 6 kilometers between 12 and 24 kilometers. A distance of more than 24 kilometers would cost an additional 1 yuan for every 8 kilometers, a city development and reform commission news conference was told Thursday.

    Long-distance passengers would benefit from the plan, which will be officially implemented after two new lines open Dec. 28. Under the new plan, the 15-kilometer Metro Line 2 section from Window of the World to Chiwan would cost 5 yuan, while the Metro Line 3 trip from Caopu in Luohu to Shuanglong in Longgang District would be 7 yuan.

    The whole of Metro Line 2 would open by June next year and runs 35.78 kilometers from Chiwan to Xinxiu Village in Luohu District. The underground section of the 41-km Line 3 between Caopu and Yitian Village in Futian District would open next June.

    The new plan means price hikes on 31 sections on Metro Line 1, with fares calculated by sections.

    The trip from Huaqiang Road Station to Qiaocheng Road East Station will cost 4 yuan, an increase of 1 yuan, while the fare for Gangxia Station to Shenzhen University Station would be 5 yuan.

    The journey from Shenzhen Railway Station in Luohu to the airport in Bao’an will cost 9 yuan when the line opens in June next year.

    The commission said fares for 31 sections would not be increased.

    “Calculating the fare by distance instead of section is more reasonable because Metro stations are not distributed evenly like those on Metro Line 1. The longest distance between stations on Metro Line 3 is 3.9 kilometers, while the shortest distance is 0.6 kilometers. It is not fair for passengers to pay the same fare for traveling 3.9 kilometer or 0.6 kilometers,” a commission official said.

    The extension of Metro Line 1 from Shenzhen University Station to Xixiang Station, which was scheduled to open Dec.28, would now open in June.

    Free Metro and bus travel would be provided for disabled persons, military personnel -- retired or active -- and the elderly above age 65, children below 1.2 meters or age below 6.

    Children who are between 1.2-1.5 meters or aged between 6 and 14 years were half price. Middle school students were also entitled to half-price fares. Shenzhen Tong users have a discount of 5 percent.

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