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Metro line starts trial operation

    Han Ximin

    THE extension of Metro Line 1 from Shenda Station in Nanshan District to Xixiang Station in Bao’an District was transferred to Shenzhen Metro for trials Saturday.

    The transfer marked the completion of the extension which runs 10.99 kilometers and has nine stations.

    The extension is expected to begin trials in December. The entire Metro Line 1 from Luohu Railway Station to Shenzhen International Airport will open in June next year.

    The Metro’s Qianhai Depot is a major part of the transfer. Covering an area of 350,000 square meters and costing 1.86 billion yuan (US$280 million), the depot is to the southwest of Nantou Checkpoint and west of Shenzhen West Railway Station.

    It will be the depot for Metro Line 1 trains and a maintenance center for Metro lines 1, 2 and 5.

    Thirty residents were invited for a test run from Xin’an Station to Xi’xiang Station after the transfer ceremony Saturday.

    Hu Jianping, a Xinghai Mingcheng housing estate resident, was excited at the opening of the extension and was impressed with the look of the nine stations.

    “It will be very easy for us to go to downtown Shenzhen and the Shenzhen airport when the line is finished,” Hu said.

    The extension of Metro Line 2 from Window of the World to Chiwan in Nanshan District was transferred for opening in October. The extension includes 12 stations.

    In another development, nine stations on Metro Line 4 were connected by high and low-voltage cables Saturday.

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