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Pirate iPhone workshop shut down

    TWENTY-EIGHT people had been taken into custody for questioning for allegedly manufacturing and selling fake iPhones in Huaqiangbei, Shenzhen police said Monday.

    Seven were arrested by police, who raided a workshop in the city’s busiest business area Friday, seizing more than 1,000 iPhones and 6,000 phone batteries.

    Apple Inc. officials have expressed their appreciation for the police officers’ “commendable” efforts.

    Each counterfeit iPhone sells for 500 yuan (US$74) in Huaqiangbei, much cheaper than 5,000 yuan for the genuine item.

    Futian police were told about the workshop in the Modern World Window Mansion early January.

    The workshop was found to have a clear division of work including accessory purchase, assembly and sales.

    Police raided the workshop Friday, which operated under the name of Chuanglida Communication Tech Co., according to Chen Junling, who was in charge of the raid.

    Retailers were seen queueing to pick up their goods while police were inspecting the workshop, Chen said.

    Apple is sending staff to Shenzhen to learn more about the case and could possibly meet the press Thursday, an Apple staff member surnamed Xiao, who is with Apple’s market surveillance department in southern China, said yesterday.

    (Li Hao)

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